Why Christians Should Avoid Secular Dating Websites

In today’s world where advanced technology is everywhere, many people across the globe are turning to internet dating in lieu of regular dating methods. While you have probably heard many success stories from people who have tried these dating sites, you may be wondering what place a secular dating site has in the life of a true Christian.

Honestly, a secular dating site should have no place in the life of a Christian totally devoted to Christ. Does this mean that internet dating is not for Christians? No! Nevertheless, you do need to be careful of what websites you visit when it comes to internet dating.

Here are just a few reasons why Christian singles should avoid secular websites.

1. First of all, Christians have different values and pursuits in life than other people do. Why would a Christian have an interest in people who have joined the dating site merely to find a person sleep with? As a Christian you are to have standards that are holy and pure; however, finding other people on secular dating websites that really hold these same high standards is extremely difficult. You are better off to find a true Christian dating site, like ChristianCafe, that has other singles that have the same values and pursuits in their lives.

2. Getting involved in a secular dating site may also be a bad idea because it could be a bad testimony. You want others who are watching you to see Christ in your life; however, some of these websites may tarnish your good name. While some websites may not seem too bad, they may have related sites that celebrate to things that you don’t believe in. So, you are better to stick with websites that you know are truly Christian websites.

3. When you are looking for someone to share your life with, you’ll need to make sure that the relationship you begin is Biblically based. If you use secular dating sites, you will not find members that want to be in a relationship that is based on the God’s Word.

4. Spending money on secular dating websites can be a waste of money. Remember, the money you have is a gift from God and you should be a good steward with it. Why would you want to spend your money on a site that pushes things that are against what God has to say in His Word? While looking for a match on the internet is not wrong, spending your money in the wrong place looking for a match can be the wrong thing to do.

Finding God’s will in your life for a mate is important, and that could be online. However, how can it be God’s plan that you find a mate on a worldly secular dating site?

Therefore, if you are looking at internet dating sites, take your time to find quality Christian websites that will help you find the person God has planned for you.