Tips for Sending Messages on Online Dating Sites

Online dating success depends on sending properly targeted messages – either directly through the dating site’s interface, or direct emails you send once contact is established with a fellow member. Sending the wrong types of messages using Internet dating sites will see you at the bottom of the pile, with very few dates. Don’t let that happen to you.

In the online dating environment, the reality is that men are sending most of the messages. A recent study shows that men initiated contact with women members of Internet dating sites at a ratio of about 5:1. In other words, this survey is telling us that men are operating in a very competitive arena.

When women join dating sites, it doesn’t take them long to learn that, for the most part, their job consists of joining, putting up a profile with some pictures, and watching the influx of messages, winks and the like from men. To a large degree, this is because of membership gender ratios (more men joining than women), and also the fact that on lots of dating sites women can use many of the features for free, while men have to pay. And, because pay memberships are time-restricted, the guys have to pump out as many of their allowed number of messages as they can before their dating membership is up for renewal.

That’s not to say women do not or should not send messages to men that take their fancy online. Here are five tips each for men and women when it comes to sending and responding to messages on Internet dating websites.