Single Doctors Dating For Love – Not Lust!

It’s no secret that many single men are not out to find real love. More and more men are staying single until later in life and enjoying themselves in the meantime. This is especially true with single doctors dating more for lust and temporary companionship than for long term love. They are busy and are self-fulfilling in every other way, so there is little motivation for many of them to tie the knot too soon.

Any woman can learn to play the game of single doctors dating, and come out the winner if she plays the cards right. The first step is to get him interested of course, but keeping his interest and making him want something more than a romp between the sheets is all in the details of how you present yourself.


No matter how much you like this man, you should never give up your own life to make yourself completely available to him. Single doctors dating along with a very busy life means there will be a lot of time that they cannot be there with you. He will have to take care of his patients first, so you will have to take the backseat in a lot of situations. The best way to handle this is to have your own life that you are committed to as well. This way you are not focused completely on him and will have things to do when he is not available.

Being a busy woman with a successful life of her own is a major turn on to men in general. When he asks what you did today he doesn’t want to hear that you laid on the couch waiting for him to call. Even if that happens to be true on some occasions, make sure you don’t tell him that! Let him think you are as wrapped up in your own world as he is his own. Then strive to make that the truth.

One other perk to standing on your own two feet: he will know that you are not after him for prestige or money. You want him to truly feel that you want to be with him because you enjoy him and choose to do so, not because you are chasing the dollars.


With all of the other options doctors often have for dates, the last thing you want to do is get caught up in a love triangle. Unless you have really enthralled this man, single doctors dating through a busy career means that they are not likely to chase after you or wait patiently while you decide if you want them or someone else.

Loyalty is key in any relationship, but it is especially true with single doctors dating for reasons that may not be true love. You want to impress them every step of the way, and that means proving that they can trust you while they are away. With so much time spent away from one another, this is one relationship that just will not work without absolute trust.