A Date With Yogi Berra: Words and Wisdom for Singles

Baseball legend, Yogi Berra, was as well known for his words of humor and wisdom as he was for his playing expertise. When reading some of best quotes the other day, I thought how much they applied to being single. Attitude is everything, and Yogi adds a little illumination in just the right spots. Take for instance:

Have you ever felt like you are repeating some old patterns? Do you feel like you have been down a certain dating road before but don’t know how you got there? Deja vu all over again is repeating and repeating yourself and that’s fine if it brings you what you want. But when you are stuck, can’t find the person you want to be with, and you keep doing the same things getting the same results, it’s time to stop and look at your repetitive behavior.

Do you have trouble making decisions about where to go and what to do when you get there when it comes to dating? The wisdom behind this quote is, don’t stand there thinking about it too long–just do something. Whatever you decide to do will be better than doing nothing. Whether you take one road or another, you are going to learn something along the way, and you are going to meet people on your journey. Stay open and in charge of yourself, and get on down the road. Someone waits for you.

He’s right. It is very hard to have a conversation in a noisy place. So when you do meet someone you want to get to know better, choose a place that allows you to be able to talk at length without a huge amount of background noise. Loud music and noisy people can make it impossible to connect with someone. Try a picnic, lunch on a park bench, a walk through a garden, or a quiet restaurant you have checked out first.

This is my favorite. I remind my clients of this one every day. You aren’t too old, too smart, too uneducated, too sophisticated, too shy, too fat, too thin, too country, or too city to meet someone. It is never too late to meet the love of your life. It ain’t over until

say it’s over, so any time you want to get back in the game, the world is waiting and ready for you.

Yogi shares his thoughts and wisdom in an honest, unsparing way. His often quoted words cause us to stop and listen to what we say and what we do that keeps us stuck in thinking there is no one out there.

He’s right–it ain’t over ’til it’s over.