Online Dating – Making the First Date a Success

If you have found someone you get on with via online dating, you then need to have an initial meeting and this article is all about making the first meeting a success.

First things first

First meetings can be stressful and chances are your date will be nervous to, so you need to think about a meeting that makes her feel relaxed and comfortable and also safe.

The Venue

The first thing is to decide the venue and the time of day you are meeting.

Unless you feel very comfortable with your date and they do with you, then keep the meeting brief and informal and in a comfortable place, where you have a degree of space. Hotel lounges are good, there is always plenty of space to have a private chat, yet you are still in a busy environment.

If you want to book dinner or lunch make sure you know the restaurant and it allows you to talk without being overheard.

Many people get very conscious when they are speaking to a stranger and can be overheard by others.

As a general rule, keep the meeting informal and not to long, an hour or so is long enough

You both have a chance then to go away and decide what you think of each other.

Your Appearance

Your partner will judge you on appearance when you first meet so you need to make a good first impression.

You can be casual or smart and you can even ask your date which environment or look they prefer – but if you are being casual be casual smart.

Keep in mind the vast majority of women love men in suits, so if you wear one it will go down well and give you an appearance of confidence and in control of the situation.

Conversation & Conduct

Some people find conversation easy and have no problem talking to people. Many don’t find it easy at aThe thought of making polite conversation brings many people out in a sweat.

If you are one these then get some topics to talk about in advance and some questions to ask.

Find out things your date is interested in, anything is fine, so long as they have an interest in it – it can be yoga or Paris Hilton, it doesn’t matter what, it just gives you something you can talk about.

You can also ask a lot of questions, asking people about their life and interests are subjects most people find easy to talk about, so show an interest in finding out more.

While you do not want to appear distant, you do not want to invade someone’s personal space – this means, no touching or being right in their face without invitation.

Make sure you have a welcoming body language:

Unfold your legs and arms, maintain eye contact when talking and make sure you’re not to serious – smile!

You should also show manners this is appreciated by all women. Make sure she can safely get to the date venue and that you sort out her journey home if required. Opening doors and generally being attentive is also appreciated.

Ending the Meeting

Do not press your date at the meeting with lots of questions about what she thinks of you! Simply, finish the date courteously.

Ask her to get in touch with you if she wants to – do not be pushy, it’s a huge turn off for women.

The fact you have asked her to get in touch, won’t stop you from texting her saying how much you enjoyed yourself. This then lets her know your standpoint and is not pushy and she can then phone you if she wishes.

While some women will let you know what they think of you straight away most wont, so give them time to decide.

The key the first date being a success is choosing the right venue, creating a relaxed environment, being well presented and courteous.

If you do the above you may well get the girl of your dreams.

Good luck!