Christian Online Dating Safety Tips

OK, so you have joined an online Christian dating site. Please don’t think that this is a safer form of online dating than any other site. Just because you have firm religious beliefs does not mean that there are not unscrupulous people signed on masquerading as Christians. These sorts of people prey on those who may be unsuspecting or too trusting.

Signing up on a Christian online dating site does not guarantee that every other member will have the same beliefs as yourself. Just as in the real world, there will always be those people who are out to hurt others and take advantage of anyone who they may perceive to be naive.

Get to know them thoroughly before giving out personal details or meeting them in person. Setting up a temporary email address can be a great idea when first communicating with a potential new date. Never ever give out too much personal information initially, this includes your full name and town.

Do they seem to know their Bible and Scriptures as well as you do? Where is their local place of worship? These are the sorts of questions you can ask your potential dates to weed out the genuine single Christians from those with ulterior motives.

If and when you do finally arrange to meet, do so in a public and safe place. Tell others where you are going and with whom. Perhaps you could meet up in a group situation to start.

You should always ensure that the photo you post is appropriate to the site. Clinging outfits and those exposing too much chest may be perceived by others as a little too risque. Remember, you are wanting to meet like minded individuals and do not want to give off the wrong impression. Some Christian singles can be led astray with lustful thoughts and you do not need the extra pressures that may ensue from a slightly inappropriate photo.

Online Christian dating can be an effective way in which to meet other singles who have the same religious beliefs as yourself. However, you should be on the lookout for unscrupulous people who join such sites with less than honorable intentions. Not everyone signed up at a Christian dating site is going to have the same morals as yourself. Do not be fooled into a false sense of complacency or security.