Online Dating – Avoid These Men

If you have been online dating for any length of time, I have no doubt you will agree with me; some men should be avoided!

They are in a committed relationship, or at least the person they are with believes it is a committed relationship! They will openly tell you they have relationships outside of their marriage, and would like to invite you to join the rest of the women, they have no doubt succeeded in driving really close to insanity!

They will tell you they sleep with women for money.

Why someone with such low morals, will openly talk about it never ceases to amaze me! Do everyone a favor, and avoid these men!

It doesn’t matter how many family members and friends find jobs for them, they find a way to still end up unemployed. But there is one thing for sure…it is never their fault. If you don’t avoid these men, they will lead into financial ruin!

Don’t take it personal, he uses everybody! As soon as they meet someone, they “size” them up and start asking questions to help them determine what they can get from them. It doesn’t matter whether they need it or not!

They lie about everything. It is almost a sickness. Most people will lie to get out of trouble, or if they are backed into a corner. But a habitual liar…? They will lie for no reason at all. About things that are absolutely unimportant.

I have no doubt you have met all of these “types” of men in person. Online, it takes a little longer to identify them. But once you learn to spot the pattern, you can stay out of their way or at least a step ahead of them! It doesn’t matter how…just make sure you avoid these men!