The Best PUA Dating Tips and Techniques

Teasing a woman is a great way of getting a girl interested. Teasing makes the interaction interesting and fun. Poke fun at a girl in a playful way and she will love it. Make her earn you by saying things like, I don’t think you’d be good in a relationship. This kind of thing will make her want to prove herself to you. If you want to pick up attractive women, you can’t be needy. If girls see any hint of neediness, they’ll be out the door right away.

A lot of guys feel that if they follow all the basic rules, then females will be attracted to them. You need to learn PUA dating tips and forget the old way of thinking. Some men still think they can just be nice and kiss a chick’s butt and she will like him. So many guys put females up on a pedestal. It’s sad that so many guys can’t get laid with a handful of hundreds in a cat house. Be sure you don’t seek a female’s approval. You do not need acceptance from a woman before saying anything.

Dating has become a way bigger deal in current years. Back in the day you needed to follow a normal dating pattern. Guys are starting to get that the old patterns of dating don’t apply. Attraction is now totally different. Our fathers had things much easier. be careful though not to get too arrogant around girls. Women like a strong guy but not one who’s full of himself. There’s no need to brag about how great you are. Carry yourself with confidence and she will recognize your good points.