Big Beautiful Women Dating Sites – How to Flirt With a Woman Online

Big beautiful women dating sites are the fastest growing segment of the online dating world. These site provide men a place to find women who are comfortable, caring and desirable without having to search through a ton of unwanted profiles. If you are interested in the BBW (big beautiful women) dating sites then follow these tips on how to flirt to ensure you have a fun and successful online dating experience.

1. Get specific in your site selection. Dating sites specialize in different niches, and if you are interested in BBW then you want to visit a site that caters to this niche. The benefit? The women who post their photos and profiles on these sites are looking for men who are interested in them.

2. Make your initial contact stand out. Women want to know that you are focused on who they are as a person so in order to get a response to your initial contact with someone you like be sure to read her profile carefully. Then add a specific fact from her profile in your comment. For instance, if she mentioned that she has a cat you can open your message with, “Hello from a fellow cat lover!” You will get a response!

3. Start with general compliments – not physical ones! A big turn off is a man that comes off too strong too quick. Women feel a sense of vulnerability online and need to feel safe before they can be comfortable with you. When you are flirting start by sharing compliments that are more general, “I think it is awesome that you love the beach!” or “That is so cool that you love the Beatles.” If you start out with a compliment about how she looks, “You are sexy,” or “You are so beautiful,” a woman is more likely to take it as a pick up line and brush you off. Save these compliments for later.

4. Let your sense of humor shine. A great turn on for women is a man with a sense of humor. Poke fun at yourself and show that you have a fun side, and you will find women respond to you in a big way.