Dating Tips – The Secrets About Cologne

If you have a regular dating schedule, we recommend you to have different colognes so that you can rotate very often. You can become most attractive for a woman if you become unpredictable about how you smell. Good fragrance drives most of the girls crazy.

When you become a person who is unpredictable for how he smells, he is considered to be very stylish and spontaneous. We hope that’s exactly you want all girls to think about you.

Never ever spray the cologne on your shirt; it kills the motive of applying cologne.

If you apply it on your clothes, the smell will fade within some time and there will be no use of it.

The perfect places where you should spray your cologne are all the open areas. Among those areas, there are some of the areas that produce body heat.

These spots are just perfect place to spray your cologne.

Ideal places for wearing cologne are wrist, armpit, neck back side of ears etc.

So when you spray on these areas, the smell will not fade away so easily and it can give you the best results.

When you plan to buy a new cologne, do not just run after smell of it. If you test a cologne and find out that it reminds you of something, means it is really a good one for you. If it can invoke some memories in your mind, then it can have similar effect on the girl as well. So try to buy some cologne that triggers some good feelings rather then just fragrance.