Relationships-Is It Possible To Become More Than Good Friends?

One topic that has always caused tensions between men and women is whether it is possible to become more than good friends. This is often the situation when the man would like to advance a friendship with a female friend to one of a sexual or loving relationship. In cases such as this, the female is often more concerned about the possibility of losing a great friend than gaining a lover. Is this because men and women have different priorities when it comes to relationships?

The answer is quite a complex one. In some circles, it is widely believed to be impossible for a male and a female to enjoy a platonic relationship in the same way that same sex friends can. This is because men are often unable to read the signs that a woman is giving, mistaking their genuine warmth and affection as a sign they are interested in taking things further.

As a male, you should think very carefully before acting upon your wish to take the relationship further. Think about how much you value your female friends companionship and how youd feel if you did not have this anymore. The reason you should think about this is because once you describe your true feelings, it is very difficult to go back to how the relationship was beforehand. Metaphorically, you are opening a Pandoras Box; once your feelings are out in the open you can not turn back the clock.

You are essentially asking your female friend to choose between a relationship and nothing. It is very difficult for a female to spend further time with a man if she knows that he is attracted to her in a way she is not to him. She will begin to look back at the relationship and question your motives, were you being a good friend simply because you fancied her? What about some of the things you said or did, will she be able to read more into those actions now that you have told her your feelings. It maybe very difficult to rebuild the level of trust you once enjoyed.

The alternative of course is that the female reciprocates your love. This is very possible and in many ways the perfect situation. A loving relationship born out of trust and friendship is a great starting point, although you may miss out on the whirlwind romance feeling and the exciting getting to know each other stage.

Whatever you decide to do, there is a risk that the friendship enjoyed will never be the same again. Make sure that you are happy to risk this before making your move.