How I Found My Asian Goddess

I am an American man who loves Asian women.

When I was living in Australia doing project work for a Singapore-based telecommunications company, I tended to socialize with my Asian co-workers and their friends and developed a real appreciation for the way Asian women carry themselves in various social settings.  So much so, that I ended up having several romantic relationships during my time there.  And once I arrived back in the States, I realized that those relationships were some of the best times I have ever had with the opposite sex.

The Asian woman is a remarkable creature who, with her beauty and traditional values, is quite pleasingly different than many of the cold, game playing women that traditionally come from the Western world.  In a society where divorces occur in record numbers and infidelity is rampant, the Asian culture of faithfulness and dedication gives birth to women who are the perfect match for men with integrity and honor. 

And I guess between the slender figure, silky black hair, and exotic features, I am just really physically attracted to women of Asian extraction.  The Asian girls I have been involved with have been energetic and very sexually focused.  And while many American women share some of those same characteristics, the combination of the exotic looks with the high charged touchy-feely nature, leaves me weak. 

The challenge I had was that once I got back to Texas, I found it difficult to find social settings where I had the opportunity to develop a circle of female friends in the Asian community.  The secret for me was to check into some online dating sites.  I was amazed at the wide ranging quality in some of these “matchmaker” sites, so I would definitely recommend doing your homework before jumping into a pay site.  Most of the good ones offer free trials.

Anyway, I did manage to develop some good friends through a couple of these sites, and even ending up meeting my beautiful Thai wife through one of them.