Online Dating – How Do You Prepare?

Getting Started – When getting ready to try online dating, it’s important to plan your application, profile, etc. ahead of time.

Overview – This is a quick overview as to what to consider in getting yourself ready to try online dating.

Photographs – Make sure your picture is a current one. You don’t want to surprise anyone when you meet them. You want them to meet and they want to meet, the person in the picture.

Email Address – Make sure you get a separate email address for your online dating. Do not use any business or current personal addresses as you want to protect them.

Screen Names – Come up with a screen name or nickname that describes you and your interests. Don’t use your real name! This screen name will tell people something about you and what you like to do!! Don’t be racy in name selection unless that’s really what your after.

Instant Messenger – Install an instant messenger program from a couple of sources to make it easy to converse. You want options depending on who you hook up with. Get the bugs out ahead of time if you haven’t been using such a program. You don’t want to experiment when trying to make a personal connection.

Dating Sites – Decide on which site or sites you want to join. The site will depend whether you want casual dating, long term relationships or adult dating. Most sites concentrate in one area although some cover each of these areas such as Lavalife. Date.com is a site devoted to relationships and their members tend to be professional, educated and serious. Match.com tends to be a more dating site while Chemistry.com, it’s sister site, tends to the individuals searching for relationships. eHarmony is probably the highest profile of all the dating sites and is truly devoted to helping it’s members find their soulmates for long lasting matches. Ashley Madison is truly devoted to adult dating whether single or married. Passion.com has personal ads and is a site which offers lots of interaction and tends to adult dating. Seductive Search searches a variety of sites to find the best one for the people who sign up. These are just my opinions of the nature of these sites and I’m sure the some of the originators have somewhat different ideas but they’re all great!

Your Profile – Start writing your profile ahead of time. Plan what you want to say about yourself and stick to it! Don’t misrepresent yourself in any way. It’ll come back to haunt you if it’s not accurate. Make notes about your personality and your interests both likes and dislikes. Concentrate on what you like rather than dislikes. If you are posting an ad it should include a picture. You’ll get a lot more responses! Make sure you keep your profile current and don’t be afraid to modify it regularly. If you’re a guy, state what you’re all about and what you’d like! If a female, you can discuss what you want and don’t want and you can be specific! Don’t box yourself in too much when discussing your preferences. More guys use online dating sites than females, believe it or not! Females are more timid when it comes to stepping into the unknown. Above all, be honest!

This can be a very rewarding and life changing experience! Just plan properly and the people you meet will be your reward!