How to Write an Eye Catching Dating Profile

When writing a profile it is important to grab the reader’s attention in a positive way. Anyone can go rambling about themselves; however this does not ensure that your profile would be of any interest to the person on the other side of the screen. There are three simple procedures that will guarantee the reader to take the time and to go threw your profile.

· Pick the right user name (User name should be unique, and it should describe something essential about you) Remember the first introductory the reader will receive when passing threw lists and lists of people is your user name. You want to make it original and memorable yet at the same time simple. Many people make the mistake of writing names that are too long, boring, unoriginal, or make them sound desperate. This is usually a turn off for those who are seeking companion, and perhaps that special one may just NOT stop at your profile because of something that could have been avoided

· You want a flashy headline that will shine brighter than the rest along with your username. This too should be original, descriptive and should not sound desperate in any way. A good headline is as well very essential due to the fact that it will be the first impression you are sending out.

· You should have a clear and realistic picture of yourself. Remember that a picture is worth 1000 words.

Other important suggestions when making your profile are:

· Have an optimistic description of yourself. Many people will not want to talk to someone who does not seem sure of him or herself. Negativity sends out bad vibes.

· Be clear and brief, and remember to spell check before you post it online. Spelling mistakes are a HUGE turn off, they can make you seem illiterate

· Know what you are going to say, Know what you want, and be sure of yourself

Last but not least BE HONEST.

Lies don’t last forever, especially if you are seeking involvement in a relationship of any sort.