Online Dating – How To Know He Is The One

When you are dealing with someone online, it can be difficult to determine if he is or isn’t the one. But there are always certain clues to make you believe he is the one.

How to know he is the one…

He is always available to you. (You must make sure you don’t abuse his availability!)

He is never too busy to give you his undivided attention.

I don’t mean with the television on and nodding his head once in awhile. This is not a conversation…you may as well walk away. If he tries to convince you he was listening, test him by asking him a question concerning the conversation.

How to know he is the one…

He will “assist” you with your life and not try and control it. Some men will not come into your life unless they can take control of it.

Before you allow anyone to control your life, take a look and see what they have done with their life!

How to know he is the one…

You feel good in his world. You don’t feel like an outsider or an intruder.

You both have common and separate interests. Very few online relationships last when the couple is involved with each other 100% of the time. A healthy relationship includes outside interests.

How to know he is the one…

You have no doubts, you no longer solicit opinions of others, and you are confident and sure of your choice.

Just remember, you are the only one that needs to be convinced that he is the one. Outside opinions do not matter!