Singles – Are You Putting Out the Right Vibe? 3 Steps to Magnetic Attraction

If you’re still single, there may be something about the vibe you are putting out that keeps your perfect partner from striding right into your life.

Everywhere you go, your vibe goes with you, inviting attractive strangers in, or keeping them out.

If you are not meeting enough people, or the right kind of person, chances are, the feeling others get from you isn’t drawing them in. In fact, it could be repelling them!

The vibe you’re sending is made up of a lot of things, including your mood, thoughts, body language & facial expressions, clothes, actions, and words.

When all of these things give the opposite sex the green light, you’ll find interesting new people arriving in your sphere all the time.

But when one or more of them is sending out the wrong message, you’ll keep attracting the wrong type, or worse- no one!

Let’s check your vibe to see if it’s attraction-ready, or stopping the show.

1. People say I’m friendly and easy to talk to.

2. I’m usually smiling, with an upbeat, optimistic attitude.

3. I’m the kind of person who likes to give hugs.

4. I’m pretty open-minded and accepting of other’s opinions and beliefs.

5. My body language says I’m relaxed and approachable.

6. I laugh a lot, and others laugh with me.

7. Yes, I’ve been called sweet, kind, or caring.

8. I know my worth and seem confident and capable.

If you have 6 or more True answers, your vibe should be attracting quality suitors. But if you have fewer True responses, your vibe could use a polish and shine!

Let’s look at some ways to clean up your vibe and invite your perfect partner to approach you.

You’re like a radio station constantly broadcasting your mood when you walk in any room- before you even open up your mouth!

So, make sure you step into upbeat thoughts and generate appreciation before you head into any situation with the opposite sex. That way, they will immediately pick up a warm feeling, making them like you without even knowing why.

Another non-verbal which is a dead giveaway is your body language and facial expressions. When in uncomfortable social situations, it’s easy to give off signs that make you look defensive, closed, insecure, or cold. All of which is a real downer.

Instead, it’s critical to send positive and open signals. So stand and sit tall, bring your shoulders back, and smile. Make eye contact with a twinkle and avoid crossing your arms, or bringing your hands to your face.

The words you use create a palette for your life- literally bringing those around you up or down. Stick to positive, empowering language and you paint a rosy picture that a cutie will surely want to join you for. But use drab, pessimistic, or judgmental strokes, and soon you’ve got a gloomy picture no one wants to play in.

So, keep a careful eye on the words you use and ask some close friends just how uplifting you are to be around- then adjust your vocabulary accordingly so the next time you meet an attractive stranger, they’ll crave being around you.

Cleaning up your vibe will do more to attract a great partner then a new haircut, fancy clothes, or where you hang out. Step into your best self, and you will attract a worthy partner!