Why Free Dating Sites Suck

Your mother always told you that you get what you pay for. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. These are words of advice that are very wisely heeded, in all aspects in life, and dating is no exception. The amount of dating sites out there can be over whelming and selecting the one that is right for you can be a daunting task. Picking a site that is the right place to best advertise you is not easy and does take some leg work, but remember also that building a relationship takes work too. Unfortunately, many men get caught up in the complication of starting the online dating process and never stick it out to the finish to reap the rewards. And it is through this that many men fall into the “easy” and “free” traps.

The fact of the matter is, you simply have to spend some money if you are serious about being in the dating game. This is true in business just as it is in the dating world. So, it is this principle that you have to apply to where you chose to post a profile. There are a lot of free and cheap dating websites out there, and many of them are very enticing, especially when you see the prices of some of the other big name sites. But, the question is, what are you paying for, or not paying for, exactly? Free dating sites can only afford to offer bare minimum services, and the areas where they scrimp may be just the areas that would lead you to be successful on another site. Free websites work on a much smaller scale than their priced counterparts and in this slimmed down version, things have to be cut. Free sites have smaller bandwidths, which mean that they can offer less room for inbox space, profile info, and pictures. Inbox space is important because you want to be able to get as many opportunities to meet women as possible. Profile and picture space are both important because you are advertising yourself and you want the most room you can get so that you can really show off who you are. Free websites just can’t offer what those who ask for a fee can.

There is also a rule of quantity. When you search online dating sites on any of the search engines, you will find that the ones that cost money are the ones that show up first and show up in abundance. To find a dating site that does not cost anything you will have to do some real work and searching, so while you are pouring through all of the many sites that you will find, you have to ask yourself, “How many women actually do this too?” The answer is, not many. The majority of people who use online dating sites are people who are business professionals and who don’t have too much time to do the bar dating scene. When you think about the demographic of people using the sites, it is not hard to realize that most women are going to pick a website that they have heard of and that comes up quickly on a search, because they know that the popular site are the sites with the men. This is yet another reason why you should just shell out the cash for a profile on a popular and well-known website. This will also reduce your chances of meeting crazy women or women who are just looking to play games. Women, serious about finding that “one”, will spend the money to ensure that their chances are great and their options are open.

Finally, when you chose to put your profile on a site that costs some money you will find that the women you get contacted by or that you contact will be serious about starting a relationship. The women who are putting their profiles on a dating site that costs money are making an investment in their future. This is the same way you should think of dating sites. You are making an investment in your life as well, and just as you wouldn’t invest in a no name company, that you know little about, and that is totally obscure, just because it is cheap, you shouldn’t go with a no name dating site. If you are serious about finding love online, then you have to be serious about making that investment. So, the next time you search out dating sites, do you research first before you buy. Don’t chose to go with the most expensive or the least expensive, find out what dating site suits you best and go with that one remembering that the cost is simply the cost of love.