How an Attractive Woman Can Be Your Best Dating Teacher

Let’s start this little lesson on how an attractive woman can be your best dating teacher with a few common scenarios that men experience in the dating game.

#1 – You’re with a particularly attractive woman at a cafe, bar, or restaurant, and a guy she knows passes by your table. They start to engage in small talk, and it soon becomes clear that she’s enjoying herself with him, even when he’s not even sticking around. And the more you see her having a good time, the more uneasy – or even jealous – you feel.

#2 – You set up a date with an attractive woman on a certain date. Then, at the very last minute, she calls you up and says something like, “Sorry, I can’t make it to our date tonight. Something turned up and I have to take care of it. Sorry again… I’ll call you later.” You then try to be as polite and gentlemanly as you can be by saying, “Sure, no problem. Later.” And you spend the rest of the night feeling sorry for yourself.

#3 – You have a fantastic first conversation with an attractive woman, and both of you have a great time. After a while you exchange numbers and promise to call each other up after a few days to set up a second date. But as the days go by, she never calls you up – and any calls you make never get answered.

Let’s face it – these things have happened to you at least once in your dating life, and they pretty much suck every single time. But have you noticed that the more these attractive women do these things to you, the more you become obsessed about them? Come on, admit it.

This is the main reason why an attractive woman can be your best dating teacher. The way attraction works for them can also be the the way attraction works for you.

Here’s an example. Attractive women are used to having men fawn over them for the better part of their days, so having another man falling in love with her – you – is probably the most ordinary thing for them.

If you want her to be attracted to you, you’ll have to show her that you’re not like the other guys. Be independent, fun, and playfully cocky. Tease her and treat her like your bratty little sister. She might resent it somewhat – but it’s undoubtedly going to make her think about you more.

The more you build up your confidence around attractive women, the more they’ll see you as “someone else” — and they’ll definitely be a lot more interested in you than all the other guys who fall in love with them.

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but try it out. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.