Dating Tips – First Impressions Online

For both conventional and online dating, this is the best dating tip: First impressions are lasting impressions. Put your best foot forward. Here are some important tips in online dating that you need to follow in order to get noticed without compromising your integrity.

Start with a recent photo of yourself that is close up enough for others to view. At the same time, or maybe at a later time, upload some more photos of yourself, including at least one where you are participating in something fun that you actually like.

Write an honest description or profile including the type of relationship you are looking for. For example: if you are seeking a casual relationship, say it in your profile. Don’t worry, there are thousands more out there in dating cyberspace that are looking for a similar relationship. Again, if you are seeking something serious, then state that.

It’s easy to misrepresent oneself online; when it comes to online dating, try to be honest. The bottom line is that false advertising is cheating and you are only cheating yourself in the long run. When the true dating begins, the “lies” will be discovered through facial expressions, body language and the actual words exchanged as there is no delete button to correct the untruth you just told.

Meeting people online is a totally different game from meeting them in person. Online dating prospects have the privilege of time where their expressions are “hidden” and their responses are well thought out. Also, in a text-based, uninhibited relationship, people often disclose more about themselves than they otherwise would, usually the best qualities with the unfavorable ones being concealed. That being said, it is true of any beginning relationship and first dates, regardless of the meeting place.

The drawback with online dating conversations is that the person on the other end really has no means of confirming the accuracy of what is being conveyed.

Keep in mind that online dating should be regarded as a means of meeting potential matches, however to truly know and appreciate another takes time through shared experiences, being in each other’s company, and the body language that ensues the verbal communication.