Over 50 Dating – Ideas for First Date

People have different ways of life. There are men who take dating and women for fun for most part of their life. They are not serious in terms of commitment and marriage until they turn over 50. On the other hand there are men who spent major part of their lives running after achieving their goals. Their lives have been spent on competitive paths achieving higher education and best jobs until they turn out to be 50. After fifty they feel alone and realize the need of a life partner.

Over 50 dating may sound unusual but this is the usual way of life of many established men. Men mostly have fun dating up to 30 yrs. After that they become more mature and become busy with their responsibilities. If a man over 50 dates it’s surely a serious date for him when he is expecting to have a lasting relationship.

Here are some ideas for over 50 dating men:

1. Your first date shouldn’t be a very formal date. First date need not to be very expensive and luxurious. To make a woman feel special you need not to spend a lot of money. This is also a very smart way of knowing whether the lady you’re dating tonight is a very materialistic person or she values relationships. No need to rent a very expensive car. If she loves being with you she would also enjoy it in your simple small car.

2. Have a casual getup. Wear a favorite pair of trousers and shirt in which you really feel very comfortable. It will be nice to wear a light pink, white or a sky blue shirt. Taking along with you a box of chocolates and some flowers with a sophisticated wrapping would be a nice idea.

3. Females don’t like men with a messy look. Have a fresh haircut done with a clean shave on the morning of your date. Even if you have a nicely trimmed beard, have some facial done for a nice attractive skin. Have clean cut nails. Be sure you don’t have a bad breath as it might repel the lady from you. Don’t apply strong cologne. A soft lasting deodorant must be applied.

4. No need to book a reservation at some five stars or a candle light. Ask her where she would like to go. If you don’t get a chance to ask, take her to some nice coffee shop, a restaurant with light music near the beach or some bowling area with tasty dinner in the menu. If you are taking her to a bowling zone for dinner and she is a bowling crazy then this is definitely beneficial for you.