Dating a Handsome Hunk – 3 Cunning Ways to Keep Him Yours

For women dating a handsome hunk and making him yours from the first date is very important so you have to make sure he is attracted to you so this becomes easy. Some women find it hard and become paranoid whilst dating a handsome man and feel threatened when other women are present. Wait no further read below to makes sure he is yours and only yours.

1. Spark

When dating someone you really do genuinely like and feel very physically attracted to it feels like the perfect relationship. But some women become lazy in a relationship and start to become boring and set in their own ways. Where as most men do like to have that passion in life and in their relationship to keep things exciting. So do not loose this drive in your and keep the passion there to keep your man as men love that spark in a relationship and will never look elsewhere for it.

2. Physical Appearance

Thats because you have been dating for a few weeks now this doesn’t mean that you can go back to your wearing your old knitted sweaters or gaining those pounds you tried so hard to loose because this means you are doing something right so keep up the good work and keep making yourself look like a goddess so he knows you are as sexy as he is if not better.

3. Get Involved

Whilst dating make sure you get involved in his life, in the things he enjoys so he knows you enjoy the same interests or that you care about what he enjoys doing and what his interests and hobbies are. The most fundamental aspects to a relationship is enjoying each others company by getting involved in what your man likes doing in his time, this shows that there is a true connection between you both.

Follows these steps and you shall keep the man you desire so you will be on your way to a fantastic relationship based on a good values that are keeping you both together.