Top 5 Reasons Why You Choose Friendship Dating Over Romantic Dating in Your First Day

The first time when you go out with your date whom you have acquired through a romantic dating site or internet dating sites or maybe a friendship site, most people will advise you to choose friendship dating over romantic dating in your fist day and there are very good reasons for that.

Romantic dating is a rather new pan American cultural and social concept that has caught on like wildfire. But when compared to the slow and steady courtship that used to exist even 5 or 6 decades back, this whirlwind instant dating concept seems rather cheap and vulgar.

When you go out on a date on the first day, your focus should be on getting to know the other person, what he/she likes or dislikes, whether you two are compatible or not and other such more practical things. This is possible during a friendship dating but when you go out on a romantic date, the focus shifts instantly to romance, attraction and you get caught up with doing what feels right.

As a result, a marriage or a relationship based on this kind of dating often ends up as a distressful experience that both partners live to regret for the rest of their lives. After all when you get blinded only by romance, you lose your sense of judgement and later on it emerges that there is very little in common between the couple. Often romance leads to passion, blind passion in fact which is nothing but lust and a marriage or relationship based on lust cannot last for long.

Whereas when you go out on friendship date, you tend to focus on the other person, you can speak with a free mind and a light heart, you can easily share your views and opinions with your date without the fear of being judged and as a result the bond developed is stronger and more enduring. Passion, lust, romance etc are put on the back-burner and so it is a more practical way of approaching a relationship.

In a friendship dating, you are less than lovers but more than friends and because you are taking the pain to know a person well before committing to him/her and because physical attraction comes way later, you get plenty of time to think whether this person is the ideal person for you or not. This is only possible when your judgement is not clouded by emotions which is a rather far fetched thought in a romantic dating set up.