Online Dating Profile and Messages – How to Get it Right

Many people are today turning to online introduction dating websites to meet new people and start relationships. It is important to make a good first impression on an online dating site, by creating the perfect profile and drafting the ideal first message to your prospect. Below are some tips on how to do this.

Do not be brief on your profile, as this is your moment to shine and stand out. Include as much interesting information about yourself, your personality, interests and desires. Intrigue you prospective partner but retain an air of mystery by not giving away too much. You must always leave them wanting more.

Write in the first person and address your mate directly. Do not say “Looking for fun, kind person who knows how to laugh at themselves.” Instead say “If you are fun, kind and isn’t afraid to laugh at yourself, I would love to hear from you…” Do not be too serious and don’t give a formal resume. Remember that you are not applying for a job, but a human being to be your partner. And don’t forget to be funny.

Be careful when setting out your preferences as you may end up turning off the person that you wanted to attract. Do not state that you do not like ugly, fat or stupid, even if you do in real life. Keep this to yourself and politely reject or ignore advances from such persons. Stay honest and stick to the truth as lies will destroy your relationships once the truth comes out. Do not use someone else’s photo for your profile, nor lie that you are 5 foot 10 when in reality you are 5 foot 1.

With your profile all set up, you may wish to browse the profiles of other members then write a first message to someone you are interested in. Go back to your prospect’s profile and comment on what they’ve written about themselves. Tell them your favorite movie is also Pulp Fiction, or ask them what sort of books they like reading if they mention that they are avid readers. Tell them a little about yourself as well. Asking profile-related questions helps them know that you took the time to read their profiles and are not just responding to their good looks. Do not tell them that they are your perfect match, as this creates pressure to live up to your expectations and also makes you seem desperate. Also steer clear from profiles seeking one-in-a-million qualities such as “natural blonde, model type with degree in space technology”.

Flirt and tease, but do not offend. Tone down or avoid altogether any suggestive dialogue or sexual innuendo unless both partners are okay with it. Most women do not like it and may take offense. This should be reserved for when you know that your prospect feels exactly the way you do. If your prospect doesn’t reply to your first message, remember that you win some and you lose some. Do not take it personally, and most importantly, do not give up.